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Sonic Emerson: #ACMX’s new Mexican project

Sonic Emerson: #ACMX’s new Mexican project

In Arts & Crafts Mexico we are in a constant search for new talent, projects that can be part of our catalog and with which we can work together to share their music and watch them grow. Therefore, we are happy to have one more member, especially a Mexican one.

Between the turbulence of a naturally distorted spirit and the lysergic dream of his compositions at low frequencies, Mexico City’s Sebastián Neyra, embodies, since 2015, his solo project under the name of Sonic Emerson. With a powerful arsenal of guitar artifacts and a tide of highly sharp effects, he has risen between the textures of a washed out psychedelia, a rude and volatile dream pop and intense saturation arrangements that will strike you.

Under DIY ethic and an ever-present mania of consuming and downloading industrial quantities of music, -in addition to its large passage through different projects of the emerging national scene, both live and in studio (Mint Field, Jóvenes Adultos, Little Ethiopia and Los Blenders) – Neyra has molded his particular sound seal to the expansive creations he presents through his most intimate alter-ego. So far, he has shared vol. II, a LP in Bandcamp of homemade production attached to the endearing currents of lo-fi and the youthful stridency recorded years ago, and an exquisite double single combo released in mid-2019 with tireless riffs, as well as introspective environments alike entitled Lo Dejaste Pasar de Nuevo / Lugar y Pensamiento.

With a proactive sound behind as a guarantee and an interesting instrumental display, this creator has reached a point of maturity in his productions. All this in the prelude to his next release, now via Arts & Crafts Mexico, becoming one of the young promises of the Mexican independent circuit.

Welcome to the family, Sonic Emerson!