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Rey Pila presents “Disciples IV”

Rey Pila presents “Disciples IV”

Rey Pila returns with another track that will keep you obsessed. “Disciples IV” is the second single of the year for this Mexican band. It follows from the same recording sessions asFlamesin the legendary Sonic Ranch studios.

The song, based on synthesizers and drum machines, has a much more danceable DNA, and is inspired by the horror / pop movies that the band likes so much. Its infectious rhythm will drive you crazy and you won’t want to stop. Cover art was made by Nick Hoyle, a retrofuturist artist with whom Rey Pila has constantly worked. A slight touch of mysticism and psychedelia finish dressing what surrounds “Disciples IV”.

Rey Pila will open Phoenix’s concerts at El Plaza (CDMX) and probably live premiere “Disciples IV” at them. Three dates (May 6, 7 and 9) are sold out and promise an unforgettable week.

Listen to “Disciples IV”