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Rey Pila presents “Anxious” and announces EP

Rey Pila presents “Anxious” and announces EP

Rey Pila is back to present their new single “Anxious”. After showing us this year the addictives Flames” and “Disciples IV”,the Mexican band continues to surprise us with blunt songs. This time guitars and synthesizers have a late 70’s electronic music vibe.

Although anxiety is the subject, all those feelings are relieved with a good dose of rhythm that will have you dancing endlessly. In addition, the contrast in the vocals of the catchy chorus achieves what every great single: you will learn it from the first moment you hear it.

Following Wall of Goth (2017), “Anxious” will be part of Lucky No. 7 EP. Sonic Ranch (iconic texan studio) was the place where these new tracks were created, all self-produced by the band. The art is by Nick Hoylewho has been in charge of giving the retro-futuristic touch to the covers of Rey Pila’s singles for the last two years.

Lucky No. 7 will arrive on September 26. This EP consists of 5 tracks that include “Flames” and “Disciples IV”. Pre-order on iTunes and get ready for the new Rey Pila.

Listen “Anxious”