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DRIMS premieres “Casa” official video 🏠

DRIMS premieres “Casa” official video 🏠

DRIMS is Monterrey’s next sensation. This dreamy band whose members are only 20 year-olds was born between exams, love letters and Mario Kart’s battles. From its DEMOStheir first EP released September 2018, hails “Casa”, a romantic and nostalgic track.

2019 looks promising for this “regios” so they share some recordings made in Higueras, Nuevo León. It includes some photo shoots and moments during this new era where their friendship has increased. Directed by Ricardo Rodríguez and DRIMS, the video maintains a lo-fi aesthetic.

DRIMS have shared their stories of young love in several cities such as Puebla, Guadalajara and even Coahuila. Alex Alanís (vocals / guitar), Max Delgado (guitar), Armando Silva (bass) and David Salinas (drums) will continue to perform their music in more festivals such as  Tecate Location in Tuxtla and Coahuila’s  Zapal.

In Mexico City they will be performing at El Plaza Condesa as Technicolor Fabrics special guests on April 5. Also they’ll be part of  Marvin Festival on May 18 alongside Wire, Bully, Sunflower Bean and more than 50 bands.  Monterrey cannot be left behind so they’ll have a local show on May 5.

DEMOS  is made up of six songs with 50 / 60s pop surf roots, 90’s shoegaze and that pop music you can dance while crying for your failed loves.